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  • Dark theme for better reading in the cockpit
  • Hours summary
  • Currency calculation
  • Year summary
  • Career summary
  • Automatic calculations for distance and times
  • Dropbox and Google Drive synchronizations
  • Charts
  • Crew profile

Cloud Backup

The flight logs are saved both locally and onto a cloud server, you won't lose your data again.

Built-in Database

More than 7000 airports are maintained and updated.


Forgot to write down the times or related flight information for a particular flight? The app can try to lookup the related flight data with a very small amount of cost (less than $0.25 USD per search.)

Graphical Analysis

The app can analyze your flight logs and present with various graphs such as flight times, aircraft used, airports visited and other information.



Flights logged


Hours Logged




Simple, Fast and Safe

Log ATP uses various well known iOS libraries and service providers. From Realm.io to AWS, all data are kept secure. The app is updated on a regular basis to ensure its bug free while maintaining the highest user experience.


1. How much is this app?

The app is available on the App Store for $4.99 USD. (Yes, that is it, no hidden fee, no annual subscription fee)

In-app purchases are completely optional, it is used to save time. Details can be found inside the app.

2. Can I import from other flight log apps (Eg. LogTen)?

Yes, if you can provide your flight log in excel or csv format, I can import flight logs for you. Contact me with Facebook messages.

3. What happens if I change to a new device?

No worries, your flight logs are kept on a server as well. Just download the app and log in, click download when prompted. Your flight logs will be downloaded to that new device.

4. What are the in app purchases used for? Do I need it?

No. It is completely optional.

The in app purchases are designed to find all the related data for your flight such as aircraft type, registration, departure & destination airports, pushback time, takeoff time, landing time, gate-in time. One search costs one credit to be deducted from your account, in app purchases top up these credits. The app comes with 10 default search credits.

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